Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm moving!

Kia Ora my faithful followers / stalkers.  

Just a friendly post to let you all know that I am moving.  My new home is now situated here.  So please follow and continue to stalk me - different address, same ol' B.  See you all there! 

Manuia le aso.    

- B

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


*sniff* This day has come earlier then expected.  It's my bestfriend's last day here at the office as she leaves to CA in two weeks time.  I know I will be seeing her again over the next two weeks but I can't help but feel overwhelmingly sad.  No more lunch time gossip sessions, no more skype bitch sessions, no more 3.30-itis coffees, no more inside jokes, no more laughs.... no more bestie to see at work =( I almost cried signing the farewell card... soleeee.  

First time parting ways since we became friends when we were 13.. We've done everything together, studied together, first part time jobs together and it came as a shock when we both realized that we applied for the same job, and got hired together! 11 years on, she has stuck by me through thick and thin.  Has bitched along side me when I was at war with the world and knows every single secret about me and what makes me tick - a true friend that can finish my sentences and knows what I'm thinking and understands me when no-one else does.  

We're planning a US getaway trip next year, but I guess it wont be the same because we'd be on total different paths of life.  I will most definitely miss my bestfriend.  

- B 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Unfaithful Part III

So much has happened since I last blogged about my cousin and her unfaithful ways.  

Her lover went back to Samunda for a week and I swear it was like she was obsessed or something.  She would call him 24/7 when her husband was at work.  She didn't care about buying school lunches for the kids, just as long as she had a spare twenty on her to buy a calling card to call him.  She'd mope around the house and couldn't be bothered doing chores or taking care of her kids.  What kind of mother is this? I'll tell you what kind of mother she is - a mother that's lost her marble & is seeing no sense! Ua ku a le jeffers le fai'ai.  

From the beginning, I was a supporter of their 'relationship'- only because I'm a gay love supporter like that. Now, I've managed to knock some sense into my brain to realize this really isn't right.  I wish she could see that as well.  While her lover was away, another cousin of mine filled me in on the gory details.  How they've already slept together - on more then one occasion...yuck! How could she live with herself inviting this guy to her home, into her bed that she shared with her husband.....and do the deed!? To me, that was it.  I had no idea that it would've gone that far, but the bitch went there.  I think that's why she's so effed in the head, because they've 'consummated' their relationship haha.  Makua valea se.  

Cousin also told me that lover is seeing other girls as well, that he isn't taking things seriously.  And here my cousin is completely in love with the basket... Lover boy recently returned from the motherland and has changed his tune.  He changed his number as soon as he got back and my ai valea of a cousin is beside herself trying to find his number.  I bet he finally came to his senses and realized that there's a world full of single girls out there....and that a married woman with 5 kids is not the ideal person to take home to meet the parents. 

So now, my cousin is so valea it's like she suffers from a disability.. and its almost like she's lost the will to live.  How pathetic is she? She's married with 5 beautiful kids, if she isn't inlove with her husband anymore at least do right by your kids.  

I love her.  Despite her many flaws, I still love her.  Ae, ua poko poko, koe valea.  

- B 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Luma o Salevalasi

Domestic violence.  I do not sympathize with a fool that raises his hand to his woman.  I don't tolerate this sort of behavior and I am most definitely fortunate to grow up not witnessing any of this.  There was an incident in the weekend where my well respected uncle lashed out and beat his wife.  Disgusting.  To his family, this was completely out of character but apparently? This has been going on for a while.  Respect for this man I grew up admiring, went out the window.  How can I respect someone who gets up every single sunday on the pulpit saying this and that, when he obviously doesn't practice what he preaches? How embarrassing.  For my family.  For my church.  His adult immature children are just as pathetic as he is.  Siding with their dad turning against their family for our lack of support.. Support? I'd be damned if I sided with an abusive prick.  Beating someone you love is inexcusable.  They're so blinded and un-educated to see that they're wrong.  I'm humiliated because now everybody knows our business.  Do they not know how to save face? do they not know what 'maasiasi' means? Mama was right - E leiloa ma aga ua malo le muaulu Kefs.  Will be hiding in my cave until this blows over.  

Pretty screwed up weekend alright.  

The only good thing that happened during the weekend was my date with B.  God bless his soul for putting a smile on my face and listening to me bitching non-stop.  

- B 

Friday, September 7, 2012

"Nothing on this planet can compare with a woman's love - it is kind and compassionate, patient and nurturing, generous and sweet and stands the test of time, logic, and all circumstance.  

Ask any woman what kind of love she wants from a man, and it will sound something like this: I want him to be humble and smart, fun and romantic, sensitive and gentle, and, above all, supportive.  I want him to look in my eyes and tell me I'm beautiful and that I complete him.  I want a man who is vulnerable enough to cry when he's hurting, who will introduce me to his mother with a smile on his face, who loves children and animals, and who is willing to change diapers and wash dishes and do it all without me having to ask.  And if he has a nice body and a lot of money and expensive shoes without scuffs, that would be great too.  Amen.  

Well, I'm here to tell you that expecting that kind of love - that perfection - from a man is unrealistic.  That's right, I said it - it's not gonna happen, no way, no how.  Because a man's love isn't like woman's love........." 

- ly4l M

It is I, QueenB

Blogging anonymously gives me the freedom to say whatever the heck I want.  I can vent and bitch to my hearts content, pour my heart and soul out onto a post and no-one will give two shits why? Because this is my platform.  It's a free country where I can speak my mind.  and also... people who know me don't know where to find my blog haha shaaardup..pule a le kama a le loomakua.. 

So despite not revealing my true identity, Eio... this organized mess is a real person..with a face, 2 hands and 2 legs..  A rather nice looking person, I'd like to think.  don't mind the glasses, the hat and the hair..LOL

Here I am playing Dora the Explorer in my maternal village.  That tree behind me? is where my puke is buried haha.   

Plans for the weekend? 
- Date with B tonight.  He just arrived back from his holiday in motherland and yaay, he comes bearing gifts :) 
- Hot Hula with the ladies
- Youth practice with my kiddos

may sneak in a drink and a game of pool in there.. 

God bless your cotton softs.  Manuia fuafuaga o le weekend.  

- B 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

FB Dilemmas.

My apologies for posting and then deleting.  I was having a mental breakdown this morning and then accidentally deleted my posts.  Sorry for my wrong loves! :) 

Since this morning, I have calmed down... just a tad.  I was basically rambling on about Facebook and the dangers of faasalalau-ing all your family dramas onto your statuses.  My cousins have created this online war where they're only shooting themselves, tarnishing the reputation of their dad as well as their extended family, all for what? for a bit of attention?! No you are not the Kardashians, you do not hail from Jersey Shore, people know those are fake louboutin heels and yes you look like an eyeguy with those lashes.. so why all the drama and FBombs? So you don't like the woman, be mature about it and confront the issue head on.  Don't parade your dramas onto facebook for everybody and their mamas to see.  shiiiieeet! Makua kou makukua kele ae ku a i kou u*a kou fai'ai.  

Don't get me wrong, I love my family and it's okay to be opinionated - but to a certain extent.  Things could have been handled much better but now, the rest of us not involved in this fiasco, are left to pick up all the pieces of the aftermath of this war and pretend to be deaf when we hear the constant gossiping of the church community.  Noo, you did not stop to think of the consequences of your actions.  

Looord have mercy.

I also get a friend request from a certain someone that Pepe and I met last year whilst on holiday.  You will recognize him as being the main character on that Samoan Soap that involves him being the love interest of that chick? you know the movie that where he dies on the boat and she marries him anyway? lol My bad about my vagueness, I don't want to mention names and then get jumped on the seawall by his fans.  Haha 

Anyway, we befriended this alelo and we went out this one night with him.  To cut a very long story short, he downed our bottles of 42 Below, was publicly embarrassed by the po-po and was almost arrested by the po-po...given the drunken state he was in and he was absolutely ma at this point, he started screaming his head off, almost beat up his sister, scared Pepe and I shitless and then we almost crashed into another oncoming vehicle, infront of the Mormon Temple in Apia.  Dramatic right? I seriously saw my life flashing before my eyes.  I was just gant biliv it.

After what seemed to be an eternity, and several drunk fia-aikae moments later, we finally made it back to Motootua where we were staying.  I got out of the car, ran to the safety of our room and cried like a bitch.  I had never been more scared in my whole entire life.. I mean, if he hadn't swerved his ugly taxi to the side, we would have seriously been history.  I gave myself about 10 mins to calm down, grabbed my phone and called him.  Gave him the biggest faula'iga of samoan swear words known to man...we made him cry, he apologized but we didn't want to hear it.

The last time I saw him was at X, he tapped me on the shoulder, I gave him my "piss off" side glance and he hugged me and said he was sorry.  I gave him half a smile and walked off.  and NOW.  NOW he wants to add me on Facepoki?! Sheit.  Offerkorms as Goddess would say.  D E C L I N E.

Sorry if you love him and are a big fan of him lol but he isn't some big shot hollywood actor, he is just another kae isumu that we trusted and in turn, screwed us over with his psychotic antics.

So after the days events, I will be temporarily turn my FB account off so I don't have to witness all the casualties of this online war my cousins have created, and so that I don't get friend requests from people who literally want to make me pu'ai.  LOL

Ua uma upu.

- B